Air Speed

Hot wire anemometer

Portable hot wire anemometer for measuring mean air speed (va).

ESV107-307 measure the air speed only, using one sample every 100 ms and update output every one sec. The ESV307 model is similar to the ESV107 model, but its output is serial to be connected directly to the RS232-2 port of the E / M-Log data loggers.

ESV306 calculates also turbolence intensity (TU) in compliance with ISO7726 using air speed measurement sampled every 100 ms, a rate allowing calculation of Average air speed (va), standard deviation and Turbulence index over 1 second. The reading is then updated every second with a running average over the previous 5 sec. These sensors can be used in indoor environments, ducts, ventilation outlets. It can be hand-held or it can be mounted on a tripod during longer measurements.

When the support for the directional measurement is removed, this sensor has a good response to plane omnidirectional air flow which arrive on the hot wire from any directions within 300°.

Air speed Highlights

      • Very low measurement threshold: 0,01 m/s;
      • Because of the omni-directional sensitivity, this sensor is very suitable in applications where the air flow is not directional as in Heat stress and Thermal comfort ap-plications;
      • Because of the fast response time, this sensor is very suitable for Turbolence Intensity (TU) measurements. M/R-Log data loggers can calculate directly TU and % of people disatisfy by air draft as de-scribed in ISO7730 standard;
      • Using air speed values, M/R-Log data loggers can calculate directly air flow (mass and volume) and number of air changes;
      • Internal ISO17025 accreditated calibration laboratory.

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