Multiparameter Radio Sensors

Multiparameter Radio Sensors

Design and features suitable for museum applications

Wireless sensors for ambient air temperature, relative humidity, contact temperature and lux measurements depending on the models, with radio communication (869,450 MHz) to data logger.

Three sensor versions are available, two of which are equipped with two additional inputs for cable connection to external sensors:

EXP811.2 (2 temperature sensors);

EXP813.2 (N.1 temperature sensor, N.1 lux meter sensor).

Thermohygrometer Highlights

    • Radio sensor for measurement of: temperature, RH%, contact temperature and lux depending on the models;
    • Version with air temperature and RH% (EXP812.1);
    • Versions with additional sensors connected by cable: 2 contact temperature sensors (EXP811.2); a contact temperature sensor and a lux sensor (EXP813.2);
    • Replaceable integrated T and RH sensor;
    • Design and features suitable for museum applications;
    • Long radio range distance (600m);
    • The radio frequency of 868 MHz allows the signal to pass through even thick barriers such as perimeter walls;
    • Long battery life: 2 years;
    • Connection to data logger by means of the EXP301 radio receiver.

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