Psychrometer Sensor

Psychrometer sensor

Psychrometer sensor Dry bulb and wet bulb temperature sensor

Psychrometer sensor with wet&dry bulbs and forced ventilation. Wet bulb is closed inside a wet cotton sock from a distilled water tank. This sensor has a very good stability because it is based on a direct measurement of temperature using 1/3 DIN element and it is not sensitive to the time drift of every hygrometer element. data loggers can calculate Relative Humidity starting from wet&dry temperatures.

Psychrometer sensor Highlights

    • Wet&Dry forced ventilation temperatures sensor. Design made according to ISO7726 standard;
    • Direct calculation of the Relative Humidity and Dew Point using data logger according to ISO7726 standard;
    • 2% accuracy assured over the whole range (0-100%) and wide operative temperature (0÷60°C);
    • High accuracy Pt100 1/3 DIN B sensitive elements;
    • Forced ventilation on the sensitive elements: >2 m/s;
    • Long term stability and robust principle. Applications in polluted/salty air even near the saturation with high temperatures;
    • Internal ISO17025 accreditated calibration laboratory.

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