Wet temperature

Wet temperature

Temperature measurement with natural ventilation

we suppliy a vast range of indoor monitoring sensors addressed to their own data acquisition device as well as to third part data management systems.

The sensor range include sensors for portable application as well as fix application.

Thermometric probe with wet bulb and natural ventilation. ISO7726 standard. The Pt100 element is closed inside a wet cotton sock from a water tank. The water tank has a high reflection factor in order to avoid water temperature increase due to radiant sources.

The sensor is needed for WBGT (ISO7243) heat stress index measurement.

Wet Temperature Highlights

    • Wet temperature measurement with natural ventilation as required for the calculation of the WBGT index (ISO 7243) in portable and/or indoor installations;
    • Designed as described in the ISO7726 standard for the “Wet Bulb Temperature”;
    • Well protected by the solar radiation.;
    • In-house ISO17025 calibration laboratory.

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