Sphensor is… Maximum accuracy and innovative design

Thanks to SphensorTM it is possible to simultaneously measure thermo-hygrometric parameters such as temperature and relative humidity, environmental parameters such as atmospheric pressure, illumination for 5 different orientations, UV-A radiation and air quality in terms of concentration of VOCs, CO2 and PM (1, 2.5, 4, 10).

The high-performance measurement accuracy, combined with a sophisticated and elegant design, make it the ideal solution for public, service and residential buildings, hospitals, schools and universities, shopping centers, close control laboratories and productions, as well as for museums, restoration and archaeological sites.

The SphensorTM data logger sensors, using the Thread protocol, are able to send the information acquired to the Sphensor Gateway through a robust mesh radio network. The Sphensor Gateway, in addition to acting as a buffer memory, proceeds with an initial processing of data, which can be transmitted to the Client’s server, the System Integrator’s server or to the cloud software, which is under development.

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