Thermohygrometer (analogue, digital and radio outputs).

Also suitable in ducts

Sensor for measuring the temperature and relative humidity of the air in the environment or inside ducts.

In applications where dirty air is present, the sensor can be mounted inside the DYA225 screen in order to prevent dirt from accumulating directly on the sensitive element.

Thermohygrometer (output analog, digital or radio) Highlights

  • Versions with 4 ÷ 20 mA, RS485-Modbus RTU and Radio outputs;
  • Easy installation of the sensitive part even in small spaces;
  • Connection cables from 5 to 100 m;
  • Calculation of the Dew Point (as an alternative to RH%);
  • Easy replacement of the sensitive element;
  • Excellent RH% accuracy (1.5%).

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